When Enough is Enough

One of the most memorable cab rides I have ever taken was riding to downtown Atlanta from the airport. Rain started as we got into the downtown area. I noticed that the driver did not seem comfortable with the cab. For example, he did not turn on the windshield wipers until we could not see out the front windows.

When we came to an intersection, I heard screeching and turned to see where it was coming from. The noise was coming from the car I was in! We were careening back and forth across the highway in a skid. I thought we were going to hit two different cars, which had stopped ahead at the intersection. Somehow the driver got the car turned in the direction of a deep row of hedges, which softened our impact.

A cab behind us stopped and sheltered us from other cars until my cabbie was able to get the car started. We backed out of the shrubs and were no worse for the experience.

However, when we got to our destination hotel, the cab driver told me I was his first customer. He said he was unfamiliar with the cab and knew nothing about the bald tires and bad brakes and thus was uncertain how to handle the cab in difficult circumstances.

He told me that he was parking the cab in the hotel lot and calling to tell his employer that he was quitting immediately. I was his first and last cab fare!

We all have our breaking point in any job; I happened to be riding along when this cabbie realized “enough was enough.”